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Your Periodontal procedures will be done in San José’s most modern Holistic Dental Center. You can expect the highest standard of quality and care. You will have personal attention, expert periodontal work, and the most beautiful, natural smile possible.

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Periodontal dentistry addresses the conditions of the gum and bone tissues. Our Holistic dentists have advanced training in specialized treatments to provide the very best in gum grafting, dental implant placement, bone grafting and periodontal disease. This is a same-day inexpensive and long-lasting procedure. Our focus is to always ensure healthy gums and jawbone tissue.

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A Periodontal procedure is a low cost treatment that directly addresses gum disease, which is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Premier Holistic Dental has advanced Holistic equipment and procedures that enable us to do periodontal treatments in one sitting, one visit.

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Gum disease is a result of bacteria and plaque build-up which attacks the bond between the teeth and gums. In the periodontal pockets that form, disease is created and Holistic periodontal procedures are used to prevent alveolar atrophy and tooth loss. Typical visible symptoms can be sensitivity, redness and swelling.

Illustration of a tooth with periodontal disease.  The illustration shows a healthy tooth and a diseased tooth for comparison.

Our Holistic Periodontal specialists use a variety of techniques to create a hygienic and healthy oral environment and eliminate microorganisms and disease in the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth. So, get the world’s best Holistic periodontal treatment at Costa Rica’s famous low prices. Enjoy your visit with us!

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